Sunday, August 10, 2008

Being Stalked

Not everyone has the pleasure of realizing there may be a potential stalker tracking your moves. I, however, have come to that realization upon finding a card on my side-doorstep a few minutes ago.

Last weekend, a crazy woman barged into our house after I opened the door for her and sat down at our kitchen table, talking to Garfford. She was talking about many different things and remarked how beautiful our house is and how she wants it so she can grow tomatoes. Irene hid from view in the living room and I hid from the pending gunshots in the back of the house until she finally left. When Garfford reminded her to grab her purse, she replied, "Oh, I brought it in case you were here." No gun was drawn, surprisingly.

The card left tonight read, "Hello from E***** P**** You have a beautiful home." So I am not sure what will happen, but if Lifetime is correct, I can expect to find another card, this time inside the house that reads, "Hello. You Have a Beautiful Home. It will be my home." Then she will kill us all. All of this insanity would all be caused by post-traumatic stress caused by a miscarriage.

This is going to be a great source of anxiety for Irene. I almost did not tell her, but I feel like she has the right to know her life may be in danger.

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